The Printers House

About Us

TPH strives relentlessly to achieve new levels of technological excellence and precision.

The Printers House is an industry leader in manufacturing of Printing Machines from India. The Technological brilliance of TPH combined with ingenuity and cost effectiveness of India gave birth to ORIENT, a company manufacturing world class state of the art printing machinery providing the world with a better way to print.

Incepted by an enterprising freedom fighter turned Newspaperman Mr.Kohli. With six decades of in-depth experience in engineering, design, manufacturing and marketing of TPH is a name to reckon with.

TPH today has an array of products and services Including AMC, consumables, and printing machines For both the offset and flexographic industries.

TPH has always believed in excellence and quality. With this belief it has carved a fierce reputation and legacy for itself.

Our Infrastructure

  • The TPH factory spans 16 acres in area with lush green landscape
  • The first unit houses the State-of-the-art Manufacturing facility comprising of various CNC machines, pre –assembly of equipment, along with a design center backed by the latest auto CAD and 3D modeling systems.
  • The Second unit is dedicated for the final assembly of various products. In house painting facilities ensure aesthetics and finish quality of the product at all times.
  • Unit three had automation and development centers for new products however in 2020 this has been moved to unit 2 and unit 3 has now been earmarked for new product assembly only.
  • With 10 offices in prime locations across India TPH proudly marks its presence across the country.
  • TPH has sold machines to over 40 countries worldwide with numerous agents and partners around the globe.

Suppliers Hub

  • The Printers House was one of the first if not the first factory in the Ballabgarh industrial area. Today Ballabgarh is one of the largest areas of Industrial growth in not only India but Asia as well.
  • As such, this region now has several extremely successful companies and a wonderful pipeline for almost any product. Due to our age old relation to not only the area but being one of the pioneers of industrial growth we truly enjoy immense support from our partners in the region.
  • We also have very strong vendor relations with multiple foreign companies, MNC’s, and other Indian companies, some of whom have worked with us for over 60 years. This type of special relationship allows TPH to continue to grow and prosper and meet quality and price related targets.
  • TPH truly values its vendor partners and this specific suppliers hub page is one that hopes to be an interface and aid in ensuring that relationships with our suppliers continue to prosper.

Our Patrons

Over its prodigious history TPH has worked Extensively with numerous clients worldwide.
Orient machinery can be seen in almost every major Newspaper/commercial printing house globally/


TPH enjoys membership with various National and international bodies of repute