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Reel Feeding Modules

Reel Stand With/Without Pneumatic Disk Brake

    Reel Stand for paper in feed.

    The reel stand RSDB is provided with pneumatically operated disc brakes in lieu of spring controlled shoe brake.In this model the position of the dancing arm is controlled by a special valve, which is operated by a cam. The dancing arm through the disc brake controls the Web Tension. Due to inherent design of the disc brake system and pneumatic control this system controls the tension better than shoe type brake with spring control.

Auto Reel Changer

    Automatic Reel Stand for Paper in feed.

    • The Reel Changer is provided with tension control through dancing arm which is controlled Pneumatically and electronically.
    • Provision for mounting stack on Reel Changer to work as single colour unit.
    • Box Type Cast Iron frames for more sturdiness with provision for leveling and grouting.
    • PLC Control for Pasting Cycle.
    • Tension and Brake Controlled by dancing arm and Pneumatic system.
    • Provided with loading trolley for easy reel loading and two nos. Pneumatic Shafts.
    • Independent Brake for each Reel Shaft.

Zero Speed Splicer

    The zero speed automatic splicers give full featured performance for web presses operating for machines upto 50000 cph The splicers can be supplied in single or tandem configuration

      Standard features and accessories :
    • Operator panel with touch screen
    • PTwo full reels position
    • Motorised side lay adjustment ±25mm
    • Nested carriage with anti-wrinkle roller
    • Motorised electrical reel hoist with limit stops
    • Audible splice signal
    • Operator adjustable automatic splice signal
    • Press and speed detector
    • Speed slow button
    • Splice interupt function
    • Dancing arm operated by low friction cylinder to control the tension
    • Two nos. air shafts

    Technical Specifications

    Maximum Reel width - 1020mm
    Maximum Reel diameter - 1270mm
    Maximum Reel weight - 700kg
    Maximum Web Speed - 420m/min.
    Pnuematic Pressure - 7 Kg/ Sq.cm
    Machine weight - 3000 kg
    Hoist weight - 600 kg
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