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X-Press - 50000 cph

Orient X-press is a single width single circumference web-offset press with a speed upto 50000 cph or 50000 copies per hour for high quality newspaper printing , tabloid printing, book printing and , semi-commercial products. The printing modules available for Orient Standard (50000 cph) are Automatic Reel Changers and 4 High towers.

Available in Stack Unit and 4Hi Tower Type Constructions

  • Hardened and ground bushes for plate and blanket cylinder sleeves
  • Motorized ink fountain rollers and swing down lever style ink fountain
  • Dynamically balanced solid stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders pre-loaded on Timken double row taper roller bearings
  • On the nose, slit type plate lock up system provided with 2 nos pin in the cylinder for quick positioning of printing plates.
  • Positioning of half plate possible
  • Narrow gap turn bar blanket lock-up system
  • Motorized side register system for both plate cylinders
  • Motorized running circumferential register for both plate cylinders
  • Variable speed motorized brushmist dampening system
  • Pneumatic on/off for Main Impression/Ink feed/Ink form & Dampner form
  • Infra red web break detector
  • Safety guards
  • Motorized oil pressure lubrication for drive gears and bearings
  • Motorized Automatic grease lubrication for operating side
  • Centralized water circulation system with chiller
  • PCB card for dampener motor speed control
  • Central Operating Console with touch screen
  • Cable Management System
  • Bustle wheel for fan out correction
  • Ink and water balance through touch screen and PLC
  • Reverse inching
  • MMI (Man Machine Interface)


Press automation is based on the networking of multiple printing units. All machine functions for the complete press configuration can be accessed via Touch Screen on Central Console. Parallely the machine functions can also be controlled locally through MMI provided on the local station

Hardware :

  • Siemens make DC Digital Drive for powering up the main DC motor.
  • Seimens make (S7-200) local PLCs control all machine functions locally.
  • Siemens make MMI is used for operation of all local machine functions.
  • Siemens make (S7-400) PLCs is used as master pocessor to process the centralized data for machine function controls as well as to carry our all fast synchronization and data transfer functions with local print units through local PLCs.
  • Siemens make color touch Screen is used on Central Console.

Controls :

  • Ink / water balance using three standard curves.
  • Changing the pagination by enabling / disabling the desired print units / towers.
  • Registration Control through Touch screen on the Central Console
  • Centralized Machine lubrication system control and monitoring
  • It also carry out overall machine status monitoring and alarm processing

Operation :

The fully automatic function (One Touch Printing) runs the machine just by one touch button. Complete press functions are switched on sequentially as per pre defined logic, after attaining the predefined press speed. This function is very useful for waste reduction and getting consistent print quality.


  • Ink water balance is achieved through Siemens S7-400 PLC. There are 3 standard curves which operator can program based on different inputs normally used in the press, like paper quality, Ink quality etc.
  • These three standard curves can be programmed through Touch screen on central console. Before the running of press, operator selects the curve based on his inputs.
  • At different machine speeds at all stations the Ink / water values are fed as preselected curve.
  • These can be modified either from the local station MMI or from the central console Touch Screen.
  • These changes are permanent for that particular station, however the changes can be reset by re-selecting the curve and will be repeated in future every time. These values are stored in permanent non volatile memory.

Technical Specifications

    546 mm 560 mm 578 mm
Printing speed   50000 cph 50000 cph 50000 cph
Plate width 915 mm (36") 915 mm (36") 915 mm (36")
Plate length (unbent)   577 mm 591 mm 609 mm
Plate thickness   0.30/0.28 mm 0.30/0.28 mm 0.30/0.28 mm
Blanket length including bars   625 mm 639 mm 657 mm
Blanket thickness including packing   1.65 mm+0.45 1.65 mm+0.45 1.65 mm+0.45
Paper Width   700-915mm 700-915mm 700-915mm
Max reel diameter 1070 mm (42") 1070 mm (42") 1070 mm (42")
Printing length (Max.)   531 mm 545 mm 563 mm
RCR adjustment   ±2 mm ±2 mm ±2 mm
Side register adjustment   ±3 mm ±3 mm ±3 mm
Paper grammage (uncoated)   38-60 gm/sq.m. 38-60 gm/sq.m. 38-60 gm/sq.m.
Blanket width   915 mm (36") 915 mm (36") 915 mm (36")
Non-printing gap   15 mm 15 mm 15 mm

** tph reserves the right to vary specifications of ORIENT presses without prior infomation resulting from its policy of consistently improving and updating of all products.

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