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Electrical & Controls

Drive and Transmission

  • All units and folder are shaft driven by a DC motor , which is installed independent of the unit and folder and is located parallel to the drive shaft on folder .
  • The units are connected with torsionally rigid Thomas coupling provided on the drive shafts.
  • Units can be silenced from the main drive with the help of quick
  • coupling /decoupling arrangement.

Main Control Panel

  • Main control panel with PLC based switchgear, push buttons and all indications.
  • Analog/digital dc drives
  • Field reversal
  • Interlock /safety devices for over current, short circuit & over temperature protection
  • All systems and wiring conform to international standards

Operating Control Station

    • An independent free standing operator console with a master dampener control can also be offered.
    • Located conveniently near the folder for ease of operations. It consists of a modular desk for a press start up , centralized printing function controls and auxiliary equipment which includes
    • Main controls with illuminated indications and digital displays
    • Printing controls allowing both manual and automatic control sequence
    • Auto sequential centralized impression throw on/off common for all units with time-delays for ink form and ink feed rollers
    • Master control for dampener increase/decrease
    • Lockable total counting, odd copy count and electronic batch selection system with pneumatic controls
    • Touch Screen (HMI) on operating console

Analog Drive

    • Full Convertor, 6 Pulses, Thyristor controlled.
    • Stepless speed variation.
    • Current limit, field failure, single phasing, electronic over current protection.
    • Dynamic braking through resistance.

Digital Drive

  • Digital full Convertor, Four Quadrant Regenerative Thyristor controlled. Microprocessor Controlled.
  • Fast and easy installation.
  • Keypad with display for digital drive tunning & diagnosis.
  • Regenerative braking.
  • Over Voltage, over current, short circuit & field failure protection.
  • Orient X-press comes with complete automation, which can be provided for Orient Super and X-Cel models also.
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